Upcoming Township Meetings

  • All meetings are held at Hartland Township Hall unless otherwise noted. 


    –To find ‘Hartland *LIVE* at Home’ meeting agendas, packet and minutes, go to MEETING MATERIALS.

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    December 5, 2019 7:00 PM
    Planning Commission- Regular Meeting

    December 10, 2019 7:00 PM
    Board of Trustees – Regular Meeting

    December 17, 2019 7:00 PM
    Board of Trustees – Regular Meeting

    December 19, 2019 7:00 PM
    Planning Commission- Regular Meeting                                                           

    Watch meetings LIVE on the Hartland Township CHANNEL.

  • * Note: Hartland Township does NOT have a November 2019 election.


    Elections are held in August and November, unless a special election has been scheduled.  Hartland Township Voters cast their ballots at the Hartland Educational Support Service Center (the former Hartland High School), located at 9525 Highland Road.

    Hartland Township is divided into five precincts. When voters arrive at the Hartland Educational Support Service Center, they will be asked to identify their precinct.  At that point, voters will be directed by precinct to a designated ballot casting area.

    To view elections results, please visit the Livingston County Clerk’s website by clicking here.

    Where do I register to vote?

    Qualified electors may register to vote in person at the Hartland Township Clerk’s Office, the County Clerk’s Office or any Secretary of State office.  Voter registration may also be done by mail.

    Effective April 1, 2000, Public Act 118 of 1999 amended the Michigan Vehicle Code to clarify that a person’s driver license address must correspond to his or her voter registration address.  An address change submitted by an individual on a voter registration application form will automatically carry over to the individual’s driver license record. Similarly, an address change submitted by an individual to update his or her driver license record will automatically carry over to the individual’s voter registration record.

    What are the requirements to register to vote?

    A person must be a citizen of the United States.  A person must be a resident of the State of Michigan and will be at least a 30 day resident of the township/city/village by Election Day.  A person must be at least 18 years of age by Election Day (individuals 17 years and 6 months of age may register to vote but will be unable to vote until they reach the age of 18).  As of March 28, 2013 a person registering to vote must show picture ID or sign an avidavit. Note: If false information is provided, a person has committed perjury and is subject to a fine or imprisonment or both under Federal or State Law.

    Want to know if you’re registered to vote?

    Click here to visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.

    By visiting you can:

    • Determine if you are registered to vote
    • Find your polling location
    • Learn to use the voting equipment
    • Find answers to frequently asked questions

    Need to file an absentee ballot?

    Absentee voter ballots are available for all elections. As a registered voter, you can receive a ballot application by contacting the Township Clerk’s office. You may also request that the Clerk’s office send you an absentee ballot application automatically before each election by filling out the form to be placed on our Permanent Absentee Voter list. You may download this form by clicking here, or contacting the Clerk’s department.

    Township seeks election workers

    Interested in helping your community as an election worker?  Sign up to work as a paid election inspector for elections by completing the  State of Michigan Election Inspector Form and returning it to the Hartland Township Clerk, 2655 Clark Rd, Hartland MI 48353 or e-mailing it to clerk@hartlandtwp.com.

    Qualified Election Inspectors must be registered to vote in the State of Michigan and attend a training class as required by the Township Clerk.  Once completed, they will be qualified for two years and can register to work in any election within this period.  Election duties begin at 6 a.m. on Election Day and run through 8 p.m.  Additional time may be required for the closing of the poll process.


    If you would like to contact Hartland Township with questions or comments, our Staff Directory can be found here